C-B Lab’s primary mission is ‘patient care’

June 15, 2011 • Business, Local Business Review

The professional staff at C-B Lab includes (front row, left to right) Leticia Martinez, Office Clerk; Johanna Drdul, Medical Technologist; Linda Wilson, Office Manager; Margaret Campos, Phlebotomist; Deborah Vance, Medical Technologist & Owner; and Don R. Clark, MD. At the rear are Donella Grijalva, Office Clerk; Danette Hamilton, Receptionist; Shandie Aldaco, Phlebotomist; and Peigh McCreary, Receptionist and Front Office Supervisor. C-B Laboratory is located in the Berrendo Medical Square Complex at 313 West Country Club Road. Your lab work can be performed by any lab you choose and C-B Lab is very competitive price-wise. Please give them a call at 622-1972 for more information.

What is “Wellness Testing”?

Wellness Testing consists of tests that you, as a patient, can order on yourself and take to your physician for interpretation. These prices are reduced from their regular prices as we do not bill insurance for these services and afford you an even greater savings over other laboratories in our area. “Wellness Testing” is available for everyone.

C-B Laboratory will also honor any pricing that may be listed in any brochures, advertisements, or fliers in an effort to help keep your money in Roswell, just bring in the literature.

C-B Laboratory is open Monday-Thursday from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. for the convenience of our working patients. Occasionally they are closed during the lunch hour and for most major holidays. No appointment is necessary as they work on a first come-first serve basis. They can usually have you in and out in less than 30 minutes even at their peak times.

C-B Laboratory fully understands that health care is very expensive and they are trying to do their part by making laboratory services as affordable as possible. Remember, when you receive orders for laboratory work, it is your choice where you have it done. Very rarely does insurance pay 100% of the cost of any medical care, including laboratory work. If you have a 20% co-pay, which of the following would you want to pay 20% of? (See chart.)

“Their price” represents another laboratory in Roswell and “our price” is C-B Laboratory prices.

Price comparison only:

“THEIR PRICE”                     “OUR PRICE”

COMPREHENSIVE METABOLIC PROFILE (CMP)                     $492.11                                   $ 67.00

COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT (CBC)                                                  $243.05                                  $ 36.00

H. PYLORI ANTIBODY IgG                                                                 $343.88                                 $170.00

BLOOD CULTURE                                                                                  $643.42                                  $ 80.00

VENIPUNCTURE                                                                                    $ 29.84                                    $ 15.00

TOTALS                                                                                                      $1752.30                                $368.00

20%                                                                        $350.46                                  $ 73.60

You will receive accurate results in a timely manner with your results being delivered/faxed/mailed and/or phoned to your physician usually within 24 hours at an affordable price, performed by qualified employees. C-B Laboratory is a Medicare/CLIA approved high-complexity laboratory meaning they accept assignment on Medicare and meet all Federal regulations for performing laboratory testing.

C-B Laboratory also participates in many other insurance plans. Just ask, and they will be happy to tell you if they are able to accept your insurance. They will bill your insurance company for you, as well as TRY to keep you in your benefit plan. They have access to several laboratories that hold “exclusive” contracts for laboratory services such as “LAB CARD.” Just call 622-1972 for more information and pricing. They encourage you to “shop around” for all your laboratory services as pricing can vary greatly. Many people do not realize they have the right to choose where they want their laboratory services performed. Remember one of the greatest constitutional rights we have in this country is the Freedom of Choice.

So, with this in mind – remember to call around and get pricing for your tests. That way you can make a decision based on what you can afford, not on where someone “tells” you to go.

C-B Laboratory has been in operation for 48 years and has seen many healthcare providers come and go; however, they are still here in the same convenient location. Dr. Don R. Clark and Dr. Randall Briggs opened the Laboratory in 1963 and operated it for 35 years prior to selling it to Deborah Vance in 1998. Deborah is celebrating 14 years as the current owner and operator of the laboratory. Deborah has been with the laboratory for 30 years and hopes to continue to be here many more. Deborah is a Roswell native, born at St. Mary’s Hospital and a graduate of Goddard High School.

C-B Laboratory is pleased to have ENMU-R phlebotomy students utilize the facility as a training site for their internship.

C-B Laboratory is located at 313 W. Country Club Road, Suite 8, in the Berrendo Square Medical Complex and the phone number is 575-622-1972.

C-B Laboratory accepts VISA, MasterCard and Discover cards as well as cash, checks and insurance.

C-B Laboratory will be happy to give you a price for your laboratory services so that you can compare them to other labs. Just give them a call at 622-1972, or go by 313 W. Country Club Road, Suite 8.

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