Rudy's Towing Service & Wrecking Yard offers FREE car removal, expert towing and a wrecking yard and parts

June 13, 2011 • Business, Local Business Review

Rudy’s Towing Service has more trucks and more employees so they are ready to offer you great service, modern equipment, trained operators and the best insurance. Call 623-5021 for service. Rudy’s offers local and long distance towing, lockout service, a wrecking yard and parts. Rudy’s Towing Service & Wrecking Yard co-owner Carolina Mendez says, “Rain or shine, call us at 623-5021 for your towing, parts or wrecking yard needs. We are here for you!” We can tow your vehicle anywhere you desire, or to our secure and insured yard.

Rudy’s Towing Service offers:

• Rudy’s Towing will remove unused, abandoned or unwanted vehicles from your property FREE.

Rudy’s says, “Turn your 1995 (and up) junk cars into spending cash!” Apartment managers and store managers only need to call Rudy’s Towing and they will take care of it for you.

• Local and Long Distance Towing, utilizing cautious and certified drivers. Their tow vehicles are safety-checked daily.

Rudy’s Towing Service accepts all insurance and most motor clubs.

They are ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with competitive pricing.

Rudy’s specializes in towing low riders, “Euro Cars” and cars with ground effects. They also specialize in high-end cars and Login to read more

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