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June 7, 2011 • Vistas

Story by
Martha D. Urquides-Staab
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The community of Midway [auth] will be receiving a beneficial asset to its community and surrounding areas. Midway Youth and Family Development Center has been in the works and in the dreams of senior Pastor Danny Sons for 20 years and to see the building weeks away from completion is a godsend.

“Midway is nothing but a rural residential area. After school kids don’t have anywhere to go. Now they can come here and participate in the after school program and other activities we have going on, it’s a safe house,” said Sons.

The MYFDC was built for the needs of the surrounding communities of southern Roswell, Midway, Dexter, Hagerman and Lake Arthur.

The property behind the Midway family church was purchased 20 years ago and after several years of the church raising funds for the center, building began in 2008.

The state-of-the-art facility was built from the ground up and estimated to have cost $2.3 million. With the help of the communities, the project only took $700,000.

“When the facility will open, it will operate seven days a week, it is separate from the church, nondenominational. We plan to offer family development activities, after school programs, life mentorship, academic support programs, GEAR-UP, art and vocational programs,” said Daniel O’Doherty, program director.

Other activities that will be added to the list include photography, music and dance classes. There will also be a racecar program where kids can build their own racecars and when they are complete they get to race them. Two noticeable areas added to the center were the computer lab and woodshop.

“The computers were donated by ENMU-R. They have been helpful in donating equipment and have become our academic partner. Phats Frames donated equipment to the woodshop as well, ” said Sons. A fitness gym, medical offices and a restaurant top off this incredible structure.

“When were not having after school program, adults are more than welcome to use the facilities. We were wanting to have doctors perform free clinics, so we have fully functional medical offices set up for that and we have had calls from doctors asking to volunteer their time for such clinics,” said O’Doherty.

The main room in the center is the gym that includes basketball courts and a stage.

“We would like to start having family friendly concerts here every quarter,” said Sons. The most impressive asset to the building is the restaurant that will be open to the public when the center opens.

This is intended to be a child and adult’s haven, but what could have possessed a pastor to dream this idea and how was it born?

“The purpose of this was to serve the needs of the community. It is made up of three major components: activities, academic and vocational.

We are building a character platform so that the kids that come here can reach full potential.

We’re hoping what we do will help build a pool of prospective employees and give employers quality employees when they join the workforce and give them what it takes to be successful. We want to make a difference, ” said Sons. This will be membership facility and money from the memberships will be fed back into the center.

“No child will be turned away. We can find sponsors so that a child can pay for their membership so they can take advantage of the mentors, coaches and tutors we have.

We feed each child, we can clothe them if they need it, we have access to clothes banks, the objective is to keep them safe while they are here and to give them the opportunities they deserve,” said Sons.

Pastor Sons continues to dream of the many additions he hopes they can add, including an incline sports complex and rodeo arena.

“We just want to thank all the businesses who contributed to making this happen, with donations and construction it was all a team effort.”
The building is scheduled to open July 1, and will be open to the public and surrounding areas.

For more information, or if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, visit the MYFDC website at, or call 347-5309.

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