District 8 Volunteers are inmates

June 3, 2011 • Local News

The dramatic increase in fire calls has culminated in an intense strain on departments and higher than normal pressure on the county’s volunteer fleet. Members of the county’s District 8 Volunteer Fire Department say firefighters feel a mix of emotions while on the frontline.

“When you’re in front of that fire, you’re scared and you’re excited all at one time,” said Jason Lord, a lieutenant with the department. Lord is a member of a select crew who shares a common bond and commitment with other county firefighters.

He’s a volunteer battling blazes in an exceptional year that has culminated in a dramatic spike in the number of fires ripping through Chaves County.

Where Lord’s department of about 20 members differs, is that it’s comprised of Roswell Correctional Center prison inmates. District 8 was established in Login to read more

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  1. lynchmob says:

    Nice article Matt, but you must spell names correctly. The man in charge is Barry Wilkinson, not Wilkerson.

    Misspells and grammatical errors take away from your credibility and the newspaper’s.

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