Velasquez speaks out about domestic violence

May 24, 2011 • Local News

Roswell City Councilor Elena Velasquez spoke Monday about the shooting death of her granddaughter, Victoria Velasquez- Arias. She said she hoped by speaking out that she might save a life in the future, by raising awareness about the dangers of domestic violence.

“I want people to know that domestic violence is serious. Domestic abusers are killers,” Velasquez said. Velasquez-Arias, 22, [auth] was shot and killed Friday afternoon. Her husband, Jose Arias, 19, was arrested in December for beating Velasquez- Arias.

He was arrested again, Saturday, for her murder.

“This was not the first time he beat her. December was the first time she was hospitalized,” Velasquez said.

“He kicked her. He bit her. He held a gun to her head. It was just brutal.” Velasquez said the system failed her granddaughter.

“Arias was released four days ago, and now she’s dead,” she said. Velasquez had taken her granddaughter to The Nest, a domestic violence shelter in Ruidoso, to get help.

“I was warned that these people can be quite persuasive,” Velasquez said.

“They tell you they love you. They tell you they’ve changed, and they promise it will never happen again.” Arias persuaded Velasquez-Arias to marry him while he was incarcerated.

“They married and then she had second thoughts about her decision,” said Velasquez. Velasquez said it was hard to believe her granddaughter is gone, and she only hopes she could help others in the same situation. Victoria’s children miss their mother, Velasquez said.

“They are little. They keep asking where mommy is,” she said. Velasquez said she is getting calls about the memorial. She asks people to make contributions to the Roswell Refuge in her granddaughter’s memory.

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