Holley: Altercation led to shooting

May 17, 2011 • Local News

Officials questioned witnesses in the parking lot outside Albertson’s Grocery Store, 1110 S. Main St. Three subjects got into a fight and one pulled a gun. The victim disarmed his [auth] assailant and was wounded in the process. (Mark Wilson Photo)

Roswell Police Department responded to Albertsons Grocery, 1110 S. Main St., around 1:15 p.m., Monday, where a man took his grievances into the streets. Witnesses reported two shots fired in the Albertsons parking lot. The incident occurred as the result of a physical altercation.

“A fight broke out,” said Public Information Officer Travis Holley. Three people were involved, “One on foot and two who left in a vehicle,” said Holley. One subject produced a gun and pointed it at the second man who went walking through the parking lot. Officers were unsure why the altercation took place.

“The victim wrestled the weapon away from the other man,” Holley said. The victim then ran from his assailant up Reed Street.

Officials found the victim minutes later, behind Albertsons with a wound in his hand. According to the police, it was unclear if the man was shot as a result of pulling the gun from the assailant’s hands, or if his wounds resulted from being too close to a gun when it was discharged. Holley did not know if the subjects knew each other, “They were fighting, so you can assume.”

“There’s no telling how many witnesses there were. Obviously, it’s a busy time during the day when the parking lot is crowded. We are lucky no innocent bystanders were injured,” Holley said. The victim was taken to Eastern New Mexico Medical Center for treatment of his injuries, where he was questioned by detectives.

Holley said he refused to cooperate with the detectives or provide any information about the cause of the argument.

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