What a rally!

May 8, 2011 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

The rally was held by, or for, Congressman Steve Pearce to whip up the crowd to march (literally) on a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was to hear public comment on the proposal to add the sand dune lizard to the Endangered Species List. I would estimate that there were about 200-300 people at the rally as well as TV cameras, photographers and reporters. I was surprised that one of the reporters was from Albuquerque.

The opening prayer began well, but ended as a political statement. There were about 10 speakers before Congressman Pearce spoke. Two or three were quite good speakers but they all had the same theme: the Endangered Species List will cause devastating job loss and the ruin of our country.

The clear intent of their argument was to make every working man or woman in the audience fear that they would lose their job if the sand dune lizard is protected. When I hear broad and unsubstantiated assertions about Login to read more

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  1. Donnahamill says:

    Way to go Chuck Russell! If the Republicans get their way there won’t be any middle class left in America.

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