Meadowbrook Farm offers plants and trees that work in our area’s soil and water conditions

May 4, 2011 • Business, Local Business Review

Meadowbrook Farm can supply all your tree and plant needs. Meadowbrook Farm is located at 804 Meadow Brook Road just south of Bland Street on the east side of town. Owner Mike Beagles knows the area and the plants that will thrive here. For more information, call Mike at 575-840-6959. Meadowbrook Farm offers a quiet place to pick and choose plants, trees and other items for your lawn and garden.

Meadowbrook Farm, located at 804 Meadow Brook Road, is your “go to” nursery.

Meadow Brook runs north and south about a mile east of Atkinson Ave. It extends from 2nd Street south to McGaffey Street.  Meadow Brook Farm is located on the west side of Meadow Brook Road just south of Bland Street.

Owner Mike Beagles has lived in Roswell all his life except for his time in the military. Mike knows what will grow here and what won’t grow in our area.

Mike specializes in Xeriscape plants and trees. Xeriscaping [auth] refers to “landscaping and gardening in ways that reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental water from irrigation.” Xeriscaping is promoted in regions that do not have easily accessible, plentiful, or reliable supplies of fresh water, and is gaining acceptance in other areas as climate patterns shift.

It’s Xeriscape, not Zeroscape

Xeriscape is a complicated sounding word for a very wise and simple concept. In a nutshell, xeriscaping is water-efficient landscaping that’s appropriate to the natural environment. The word xeriscape is derived from the Greek word xeros, which means dry.

The goal of xeriscaping is to create a visually attractive landscape that uses plants selected for their water efficiency. Xeriscapes can save a tremendous amount of water. An established, properly maintained xeriscape needs about one-third the water of a traditional turf-based landscape. Some xeric plants require almost no supplemental watering once they are established. An established xeriscape also requires less maintenance than a traditional landscape.

Contrary to popular misconception, xeriscape does not mean rock and a cactus. New Mexico has a wonderful variety of water-wise plants. Some of these plants are perfect for adding year-round greenery and texture. Other native plants are great for adding a splash of seasonal color. The properly planned xeriscape can offer brilliant color from March through October.

Meadowbrook Farm always has great heirloom tomatoes (in season). Last year they had over 20 different varieties of tomatoes, from white, green zebra, orange, purple, pink, yellow, cherry and green, plus the two and a half pound Bullsheart.

“Don’t be fooled…  tomatoes don’t grow upside down. Don’t fall for it,” says Mike. “We start all our vegetable plants here at the nursery from seed.”

Meadowbrook Farm also has artichokes, which are perennial to this area, fruit trees, flowers, ornamentals, shade and evergreen trees, plus red, purple, yellow and white honeysuckle.

Mike has some tips for all you people out there getting ready to plant your home gardens:

• Don’t plant too early.

Don’t let this warm weather fool you – hold off planting vegetables (especially tomatoes and peppers) for a while. It still may freeze. (The normal last freeze in Roswell is March 8, but it can occur later.)

• Be careful. Do not use a fertilizer and weed killer mix because it recognizes trees as a “broad leaf” weed and can kill them.

• Pesticides and herbicides: Read the labels! Pesticides kill good bugs as well as bad bugs.

• Be careful about buying plants that won’t grow in our area. One example is blueberries.

• A weed-free lawn is a healthy lawn. Spot treat problem areas only, don’t treat the whole area!

Contact Mike Beagles at 575-840-6959 or at .

Go to Meadowbrook Farm for all your plant and tree needs. Located at 804 Meadow Brook Road, Meadowbrook Farm is here to serve you with local knowledge and advice on your lawn and garden.

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