Public Record

April 28, 2011 • Public Record

Marriage Licenses

April 25

Michael D. Flores, 26, and Danielle R. Gonzales, 36, both of Roswell.

April 26

Travis W. Lewis, 27, and Amanda R. Whitehead, 19, both of Roswell.

April 27

Norman W. Cain, 55, and Donna R. McDonald, 54, both of Roswell.


Final April 21

Lisa Dictson vs Waylon L. Dictson

Melissa Marie Diaz vs Anthony Diaz

April 22

Jessie Marie Copeland vs Curtis Lee Copeland

April 25

Kelly Starnes vs Jason O. Starnes

Keri Brown vs Chad Libbey

Charlotte Bailey vs Phill Johnson

Giovany Escobar vs Virginia Rael de Escobar

Ramona Marie Nieto vs Ryan Edward Nieto

Municipal Court

April 21

Judge Larry G. Loy


Possession of drug paraphernalia — Joanna Carrillo, of 52 E. Eyman St.; fined $129.

Possession of drug paraphernalia — Miguel Trujillo, of 1104 E. First St.; fined $329

Eluding an officer — Tyrel Baxter, of 907 W. Lusk Drive; fined $229.

Obstructing an officer — Sherry Baxter, of 907 W. Lusk Drive; fined $229.

Unsanitary premises, litter and in-operative vehicles — Adrian Vasquez, of 200 Robins Drive; fined $687 – $600 suspended in lieu of bringing property into compliance within 45 days (June 6, 2011). Defendant to contact Code Enforcement for re-inspection within the 45 days.

Possession of drug paraphernalia and driving on right side of street — Tina Stogden, of 321 E. Hervey St.; fined $173 – $115 suspended in lieu of 2 days community service.

Shoplifting — Laura Meraz, of 30 Floyd Place; fined $129.

Failure to pay fines and fees previously imposed — Samuel Hernandez, of 43 Brown St.; fined $969 or 16 days in Login to read more

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