Drinking fountain shocks student

April 15, 2011 • Local News

The mother of a first-grader at Valley View Elementary School says she is seeking legal counsel after her daughter was allegedly shocked by a drinking water fountain last week.

Christina Smith says her seven-year-old daughter suffered a burn on her finger [auth] from the incident last Wednesday.

Smith says the burn wasn’t major, but her daughter was “really upset initially, and she was crying.”

“Somebody’s child could be irreparably damaged from something like that,” she added.

Joe Baca, the school district’s operations and support services manager, says the water fountain was not malfunctioning, upon later inspection by an electrician. The water fountain has since been disconnected and cordoned off so it is no longer accessible to students.

Baca suspects it was a static shock that the student experienced, generated by the carpet at the base of the fountain. He says the fountain has a ground fault interpreter that protects a person from being shocked should the machine malfunction.

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