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April 14, 2011 • Public Record

Marriage Licenses

April 8

Shannon L. Peck, 25, and Arely S. Moreno, 19, both of Roswell

Timothy J. Hancock, 23, and Tasheena Montoya, 21, both of Roswell

April 11

Raul L. Valderez, 43, and Ana M. Herrera, 41, both of Roswell

April 12

Benjamin Meraz, 27, and Claudia M. Lopez, 29, both of Roswell

Robert L. Montano, 22, and Janete Quintana, 17, both of Roswell


Final Jan 20

Priscilla Nicole Morales vs Gilberto Morales

Filed March 23

Ruthie L. Thurman vs Kenneth Barnhill

Filed March 24

Belem C. Nava vs Jose Gonzalez

Martin Mendoza vs Yanely Judith Mendoza

Final March 28

Elizabeth N. Luttrell vs Phillip Ray Luttrell

Rose Ann Romero vs Eleuterio G. Lopez

Cecilia Campos vs Mario Campos

Final March 29

Dina Huerta vs Israel Huerta

Filed Mach 31

Glenn Wells vs Tracey Lynn Wells

Lisa Dictson vs Waylon L. Dictson

Final March 31

Jessica D. Coffing vs Michael Anthony Coffing

Bradley M. Bailey vs Ellen Joanne Bailey

Final April 5

Adam F. [auth] Garcia vs Betty J. Garcia

Filed April 6

Giovany Escobar vs Virginia Rael de Escobar

Filed April 7

Brian D. Smith vs Janet F. Smith

Final April 7

Jessica Ortega vs Raymond Lariva

Cassandra Lynn Mitchell vs Shawn Malcom Mitchell

Latasha R. Juarez vs Jerry Najar

Leticia E. Jimenez-Martinez vs Ramon Martinez

Final April 12

James Richard Werdann vs Trina Leigh Werdann

Municipal Court

April 6

Judge Larry G. Loy


Unlawful use of license with arrest clause and obedience to no turn signs — Esteban Villa, of 6489 Beard; fined $373 and 7 days (mandatory) in jail.

Trespass generally — Sara S. Omeara, of 1911 S. Richardson Ave.; fined $229.

Possession of marijuana — Arthur G. Herrera, of 2303 Portales Road; fined $329.

Possession of drug paraphernalia — Amber D. Davis, of 502 S. Wyoming Ave. No. 609; fined $129 – $100 suspended in lieu of 2 days community service.

Disorderly house — Joseph A. Wright, of 110 S. Ohio Ave. B; fined $129 – $100 suspended in lieu of 2 days community service.

Possession of marijuana — Tanna J. Key, of 502 S. Wyoming Ave. No. 606; fined $229.

Unlawful use of license with arrest clause — Frank Coulter Jr., of 901 Pecan St.; fined $329 and 7 days in jail (mandatory).

Unlawful use of license, tail lamps, no insurance and evidence of registration — Bernadette Servantez, of 5411 S. Sunset Ave.; fined $546 and 9 days in jail, concurrent.

Failure to appear on hold — Bernadette Servantez, of 5411 S. Sunset Ave.; fined $129 and 5 days in jail, concurrent.


Shoplifting under $250 and possession of marijuana under 1 oz — Linsey J. Henington, of 3712 E. Brasher Road; fined $358.

Vehicle entering stop or yield intersection — Alfredo Rubalcaba, of 6034 Calumet St.; fined $29 and deferred for 60 days, not to receive any moving citations.

Vehicle entering stop or yield intersection — Kierra McLean, of 502  S. Wyoming Ave. Apt. 613; fined $44.


Unknown date and time — East Berrendo Road and North Main Street; drivers — Chelsey D. Herrington, 20, and David Garcia, 32, both of Roswell

Unknown date and time – 1500 W. First St.; driver — Danny Marquez, 47, of Roswell, and vehicle owned by Bart Yocheeim, of Lake Tahoe, Nev.

April 8

8:21 a.m. — 2206 S. Washington Ave.; driver — Leon Dansky, 82, of Roswell

10:57 a.m — South Main Street and Brasher Road; drivers — Antonio Espinoza, 34, and Samuel Russell, 18, both of Roswell

1:32 p.m. — Main Street and Wilshire Boulevard; drivers — Bobby Garcia, 47; Obdulia G. Rivas, 24; and Landon W. Stephenson, 29, all of Roswell; and Obdulia G. Rivas, 24, of Dexter

5:29 p.m. — Main and Ballard streets; drivers — Anita Montoya, 36, and Harold Ross, 48, both of Roswell

7:50 p.m. — 1800 N. Main St.; drivers — Keri Pirtle, 22, and Christal Uriquides, 28, both of Roswell

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