Good Samaritans foil pair of robbers

April 13, 2011 • Local News

Police say two would be robbers, one of whom was yielding a knife, didn’t take into account one important factor when they attempted to steal the purse of a women in her 50s Monday evening — two observant good Samaritans.

Ray Vasquez, 25, and Matthew Villarrell, 21, were both charged with felonies following a melee outside of the Bank of America building around 7:45 p.m., police said.

The thieves may have been on the lookout for police, but in their attempted getaway they failed to take into consideration two citizens flagged down by the distressed victim.

“Thanks to them we’ve been able to lock up two bad guys,” said Travis Holley, a Roswell Police Department spokesman, who declined to immediately identify the two citizens.

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  1. murphy says:

    Great job, Good Samaritans, whoever you are!

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