Nothing new on April 3 shoot-out

April 9, 2011 • Local News

The police have no new leads on the Sunday morning shoot-out at 1803 S. Monroe Ave. “There are no new developments, no charges, no changes and no new information,” said Of ficer Travis Holley, Roswell Police Department spokesman.

[auth] “We’re getting no cooperation. This is one of the frustrations when the victims are also the subjects of a crime,” he said. The seven people wounded in the incident are recovering.

“We have served search warrants on the two cars, but I cannot say what was found,” Holley said. One of the vehicles was stopped at Richardson and Tilden when an officer noticed a vehicle matching the description of one involved in the incident.

“One person got out of the car and ran. We found two victims inside,” Holley said.

The second was located across the street from a local hospital. Holley described both as riddled with bullets. Two houses were struck in the crossfire.

One bullet penetrated into the bedroom where a 10-year -old child was sleeping. Neighbors reported at least 40 or 50 shots fired during the gunfight. One described the ground surrounding the house as covered with police markers.

They estimated the gun battle lasted for at least 10 minutes, although the nearest neighbor, whose house was hit, said “it felt like it lasted forever.”

Information about the incident remains sketchy. “It’s hard to sort through at this point. We’re trying to piece it together as best we can. Neither side is cooperating with us.

This is all too common in a case like this,” said Holley. The RPD has no one in custody. The investigation is continuing.

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