Rally gets kids pumped for tests

April 2, 2011 • Local News

Tests are generally met by pupils with groans and moans, but Pecos Elementary School is pumping students up in preparation for the state standardized testing that begins next week.

The school held an outside pep rally on Friday afternoon to give students a chance to have fun before the New Mexico Standards Based Assessment begins Tuesday.

“They’ve been working so hard to prepare for the test, but now [auth] they need to have a time to release all that energy, all that nervous energy they have,” principal Dr. Barbara Ryan said.

Pom-pons flew, dancers performed handsprings and cartwheels and each class made up a unique cheer to chant in front of the school. Some students with perfect attendance grabbed dollar bills swirling inside a moneyblowing machine donated by Pioneer Bank and Kz93 Radio.

“It gets them excited for the test,” fifth-grade teacher Hollie Gallegos said. Inside the school, glittery posters lined the hallways.

One read, “Mr. Mundy’s class is fired up for the test!” Pecos Elementary led the Roswell Independent School District in math and reading proficiency scores last year. About 67 percent of students scored proficient in math, and 73.53 percent of students scored proficient in reading.

Statewide, 57.4 percent of students scored proficient and above in reading, while 58.2 percent passed proficient and above in math for the 2009-2010 school year.

The NM SBA lasts two weeks, and grades 3 to 8 and 11 are required to take the test. Ryan says she’s confident her elementary students are prepared.

“Next week they’ll be ready to start on the test,” she said.

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