Residents unhappy about trailer law

March 30, 2011 • Local News

There’s only one area in the city where mobile homes can be lawfully placed next to residential homes, but the residents of the neighbLogin to read more

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2 Responses to Residents unhappy about trailer law

  1. murphy says:

    In reference to the quote by the Mayor, to examine, “the benefits versus the downside” of having mobile homes in residential areas. The last I heard, mobile homes are residences. The people purchasing homes in this area could have found out if it was zoned for mobile homes and chose another area to buy.

    Mr. Ramos’ rant ‘they’re throwing us to the dogs, let’s pack all the rats over there in one corner’ is ridiculous at best. Who is they?
    If this resident has to move his mobile home, then the Mayor and all of the residents opposed to his being there should have to pay the cost.

  2. melissa04152006 says:

    Don’t forget the murder that took place at 302 E Reed!!!

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