SCOR, PC providing state-of-the art orthopedic care for over 25 years

March 22, 2011 • Business, Local Business Review

Dr. Latimer and Dr. Gary Fanton on the sidelines of a Stanford – Notre Dame Game. Stanford Won! Dr Fanton is the team Orthopedic Surgeon for the San Francisco 49ers. He is the head of the Dept. of Sports Medicine at Stanford University. Dr. Earl Latimer, III; Dr. James A. Boss; Dr. Kenneth M. Yaw; and John Thomas, PA-C, offer their orthopedic experience at SCOR, PC (Sports Medicine Clinic Orthopedics and Reconstruction.) Please phone 622-7600 for more information, out of town, call 1-877-FixKnee (349-5633). SCOR, PC is located at 115 East 19th Street.

SCOR, PC (Sports Medicine Clinic Orthopedics and Reconstruction) is located at 115 E. 19th Street.

The name reflects their emphasis and expertise in the newest techniques in caring for injured athletes as well as reconstructive procedures such as joint replacement.

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