TJ's Soda/Media Blasting & TJ’s Mobile Pressure Washing offer service at your site

March 18, 2011 • Business, Local Business Review

Soda blasting a 1967 Corvette shows starting (top) and during (bottom) results. TJ’s Soda/Media Blasting & Mobile Pressure Washing can come to your property to clean off whatever you need, be it vehicles, driveways or whatever. Phone 575-626-3573.

Soda Blasting is a process similar to sand blasting where the sand is replaced with baking soda. This replaces the abrasiveness of sand with a substance in powder form. The result is the ability to clean a surface without causing any damage.

Soda and media blasting are environmentally friendly and are FDA and USDA approved.

Soda Blasting:

• Won’t damage glass

• Removes paint from fiberglass

• Won’t damage chrome

• Water soluble

• No [auth] pitting

• Works quickly

• No warping

• Nontoxic

• Removes grease

• Non-hazardous

• Neutralizes surface rust

TJ’s can clean metal, including aluminum; PVC; plastics; masonry; wood; fiberglass; stucco; alloys; stone; composites; aluminum; concrete; and much more.

Use for paint removal, graffiti removal, rust removal, stain elimination, sludge removal, to clean monuments, food equipment, conveyor systems, rail car cleaning, marine cleaning, tank cleaning, machinery finishing, truck trailers, engine components, farm equipment, mold cleaning, printing presses, odor control, plus more.

• Paint

• Surface rust

• Oil & grease

• Graffiti

• Fire restoration

• Smoke damage

• much more ….

“For small items we have a Blasting Cabinet that will blast with soda or glass beads. My blaster can also blast with other types of media such as recycled crushed glass, coal slag, walnut, etc…. ” says owner/operator James Hampton.

TJ’s Mobile Pressure Washing – Hot or Cold Water

The first thing that your friends, guests or customers see when they come to visit is the exterior of your property. Seeing a clean property says that you care about the comfort and health of your guests and about your property. Good maintenance is vital, because clean businesses attract more customers and more customers mean more profit!

All of this without disturbing residents or harming their personal property. You should attract the right attention by helping keep your community looking FRESH ALL YEAR LONG!

Commercial Surface Cleaning & Pressure Washing

• Bank drive thru’s

• Parking lots

• Fast food drive thru’s

• Storefronts & sidewalks

• Gas stations & convenience stores

• Hospitals

• Fleet washing

• Heavy equipment

• Hotels

• Gum removal

• And much more

Residential Surface Cleaning & Pressure Washing Services

• House

• Driveway & sidewalk

• Pool side and patio

• Patio furniture

• Fences

• Decks

• Mobile homes

• Boats

• Lawn equipment

• and much more…

Weekly and monthly rates available.

TJ’s  is licensed and insured. Please contact James Hampton for a FREE ESTIMATE at 575-626-3573.

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