Mold at GHS

March 7, 2011 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

I will say this much. In Roswell, N.M., a number of the children have been exposed to mold. Check on the Internet about Goddard High School. A number of medical professionals don’t want the public to know about how it affects some children in the community.

They are trying to say that Dr. McMahon is wrong. I disagree. I don’t have a degree in medicine but seeing a loved one suffer and a doctory saying I cannot help you tells me that they don’t [auth] know. I am retired military and in being in different countries you get exposed to a lot of different toxins and biotoxions. Fact of the matter is you can be tested for biotoxions. Our son has been tested for mold and came up as positive.

Hopefully people in Roswell will check it out and see for yourselves and speak up for their child if they come up ill and the doctor cannot explain it. At least Dr. McMahon is trying to help the community and children when it comes to mold illness. We have seen what happens to a teen who is consumed with a biotoxin such as mold. My 16-year-old son cannot attend regular school or related activities.

He is always tired and has no appetite and cannot go out for normal activities — even a short shopping trip — without being sick for days. His life will not be the same. He cannot just go out and hang out with friends.

Most of the doctors in Roswell have given up on him. You can look up mold on the Internet and there is a lot of information. Why is this happening to the children in Roswell? The more people who speak up, the more that can be done. BCA Medical may not have known what they were looking for. If you don’t test for it you won’t find it. Just like if you had a poisoned patient you would not know the treatment.

-Kelvin and Cruz Graves Roswell

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