Local actor: ‘I haven’t been back to California’

March 4, 2011 • Local News

Many New Mexico actors feel blindsided by the $45 million cap on film incentives that passed in the $5 billion state budget bill, Wednesday, after many thought $60 million was a reasonable compromise.

“By bringing it down to $60 million, the industry lowered (incentives) eight percent more than last year,” Book of Eli actress Lora Martinez-Cunningham, said. “We were railroaded. I couldn’t believe what happened.”

Rep. Dennis Kintigh, R-Roswell, who voted for the cap, said that he had never been in favor of the film incentives program, but believes that some New Mexicans have benefi ted from it.

“There’s no doubt that some individuals have benefited from it,” he said.“The problem is, at what cost? It’s one industry that’s privileged not to share any kind of (fiscal) pain.”

Martinez-Cunningham said discussions that took place behind closed doors led industry leaders to believe that $60 million would be the cap amount.

“We were happy. …They were happy we were happy. It was a done deal. We compromised,” she said.

Martinez-Cunningham said Rep. Dennis Roch’s, R-Texico, proposal to lower incentives to $40 million during session was a surprise.

“A float like that would limit us detrimentally,”she said.

“I’m glad that we have the 25 percent Login to read more

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