Where is that Crime Stopper number??!!

March 3, 2011 • Business, Local Business Review

Susie Snyder, Steve Wolfe and Detective Albert Aldana, all Board Members of Chaves County Crime Stoppers, participated in the recent display of items confiscated by the Roswell Police Department allowing crime victims a chance to recover stolen property. Please call 622-7233 for more information on how you, as a private citizen, can help lower the crime rate in Roswell and Chaves County.

We are sure that on occasion, individuals may ask themselves “Oh, no! What is that Chaves County Crime Stoppers telephone number?” They don’t want to blurt the question out to a bunch of cronies, because it is critical to remain anonymous in everything related to Crime Stoppers. No one wants all his buddies to know he’s going to call. Therefore, this business page is a good opportunity for us to remind readers of the several locations where you can find 1-888-594-TIPS (8477) every week!

o  Every day at the bottom of the Police Blotter, you will note the Chaves County Crime Stoppers number.

o  And then, on Thursdays, check the ads at the bottom of the Business Review Page. It’s easy to see that number.

o  Is that it?  No, every week, usually on Sunday, Login to read more

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