It’s all about you, Sage

February 27, 2011 • Local News

Sage leads the parade held in her honor, from the sidecar of Patriot Guard co-captain Mike Murphy’s motorcycle, Saturday. (Mark Wilson Photo)

In honor of Sage, local canine war hero, the city of Roswell celebrated Sage Day Saturday alongside a fundraiser for the Sage Foundation for Dogs Who Serve.

“I always tell her that it’s not always about her,” Diane Whetsel, Sage’s human companion, said. “But today, I had to tell her ‘it’s all about you.’ She’s happy. She loves people. This was fun for her.”

Sage’s exploits are numerous and worthy of praise. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, she worked at the Pentagon. During the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, she served disasters in the Gulf Coast. She has also been on a few tours in Iraq.

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  1. Hero dog says:

    Thank you all for your support of this wonderful dog and our efforts to provide for all of our nations hero dogs the finest vet care and retirements available.
    It is an assumption by most people that these dogs owned by our police Depts, corrections Depts and military are always taken care of when they become injured, ill ot too old to work. The fact is, these dogs are considered property to most of the Departments and are subject to the same budget restraints that we are seeing across the country. If they become injured or sick, many times their treatment is determined by what the busniss office has in their budget. Many times there just are not the funds to pay for expensive treatment options and the dogs suffer. Sometimes, they may even be put to sleep due to cost issues. We at the Sage Foundation For dogs Who Serve are trying to change this one dog at a time.
    Thanks again to all that came out to support our efforts!
    A special thanks to Champion Motor Sports and Lauren Allison with her wonderful staff for selling t-shirts,tickets, wristbands and hosting the event, MaryAnn for all of her work. Board members Kathy O’Dette, JoAnn Heiss for their commitment to the foundation. Sally Pritti who sold the most tickets!
    Thank you to the Patriot Ruard Riders for escorting our little hero dog through town! You were all just the best!

    Diane and Sage

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