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February 22, 2011 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

Can anyone tell me why the Roswell Planetarium doesn’t have “[auth] star shows” anymore? When I was young, I went to a great show there and when I went recently to take my daughter, I was told they no longer have star shows.

They showed our group a film about the universe. I can see a film on cable TV; I don’t want to see it in the planetarium! When I was in Denver we saw a wonderful presentation at their planetarium.

Computers now can do amazing things and I don’t know why the city of Roswell or the Roswell Independent School District doesn’t train the Planetarium director to use the equipment or hire someone who knows how to run it. Maybe the city can look into getting updated equipment to make the shows even better, like the one in Denver. And please have regular showings. Otherwise, just shut the Planetarium down and save the city some money!

-Thomas Campbell Dexter

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