School board eyeballs a potentially vacant seat

February 10, 2011 • Local News

The Roswell School Board is already thinking of replacements for newly elected board member Pauline Ponce, should she choose to vacate her seat due to a conflict of interest.

Board member Eloy Ortega told the board during its monthly meeting Tuesday that he will recommend sitting vice president George Peterson, who lost to Ponce in the Feb. 1 election for District 4, [auth] keep his seat if Ponce remains undecided or declines her duties.

“She’s probably not going to come on the school board,” Ortega said. “So I think that at our next meeting, I’m going to recommend to the board that Mr. Peterson continues to stay on the board.”

Ponce, a school teacher at Sunset Elementary, has remained mum on whether she will decline her elected position in order to keep her teaching job. State statue states that employees of the school district, like Ponce, are not allowed to serve on the School Board.

Ponce did not respond to multiple phone calls from the Daily Record, but said last week that she was “looking at my options.”

Ponce has until March 1 — the start of a full term of office for a member of a local school board, according to state statute— to make a decision.

If she declines her seat, a 1979 state statute says the School Board can fill the vacancy by appointing a qualified person with a majority vote of the remaining board members.

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