Charles “Buster” Seacord

February 6, 2011 • Obituaries

Charles “Buster” Seacord, 89, died at home in Albuquerque on Jan. 30, 2011, surrounded by his loved ones. He was cherished by family, friends and colleagues for his inquisitive mind, gentle manner and wry sense of humor. An aeronautical engineer by trade, Buster was an equally avid photographer by avocation.

Born Charles Lynn Seacord Jr. in Memphis, Tenn., he was the single child of L ynn and Margaret Seacord. After a childhood spent absorbed in model airplanes and an education at Georgia Tech, he became a bonafide ‘rocket scientist’. He worked during World War II at Langley Field, Hampton, Va., for NACAthe precursor to NASA. There, on the beach at Wallops Island, he and other young colleagues designed and tested experimental Login to read more

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