On the table: Education bills in the Senate

January 28, 2011 • Local News

Lawmakers across the state introduced about 40 education-related bills after the Legislature convened in Santa Fe last week. Issues range from school lunch nutrition, grade promotions and moratoriums on building new schools. Here is a breakdown of Senate bills on the table. More detailed legislation information can be found online at

Senate Bill 2: Provides procedures for closing or consolidating school facilities; amends grant assistance applications for a public school capital outlay project; amends grant applications related to the use of “community educational facilities.”

SB 78: Requires school districts to develop bullying prevention policies (by August 2011) and programs (by August 2012).

SB 80: Provides the minimum student membership for a school district. Districts with less than 1,000 students must consolidate.

SB 94: Amends the public school fund so that the remaining balance at the end of each fiscal year will not revert to the general state fund.

SB 113: Creates a Login to read more

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