Two 3rd-graders caught smoking pot

January 16, 2011 • Local News

Two third-graders at Berrendo Elementary School were busted by their principal for smoking marijuana in the bathroom after school hours, Monday, Jan. 10, according to police reports.

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2 Responses to Two 3rd-graders caught smoking pot

  1. babyblue2 says:

    The principal not pressing charges and cyfd closing the case and we wonder why r kids turn out the way they do I am sure glad my kids never attended that school and how can parents not know what their children are doing. I have high and middle school kids and I would know if they were doing things. And cyfd the dont protect your kids very well it 10 yrs these kids will be the ones with there kids testing positive for drugs. but cyfd will give them back.

  2. Emily Russo says:

    The sheriff’s office determined the case to be closed, not NMCYFD. Sorry if that was unclear.

    — Emily R. Miller

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