City hosts downtown master plan workshop

January 14, 2011 • Local News

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City officials and planners are hosting a public information meeting Tuesday [auth] to gather input and suggestions for the future of Roswell’s downtown.

The city is preparing to develop a master plan after seed money was awarded to Roswell by the state Economic Development Department. The $75,000 grant awarded to MainStreet Roswell will pay for a downtown blueprint aimed at establishing a long-term vision for the downtown area.

“What is it that people want to see?” Michael Vickers, Roswell’s city planner, asked. “The overall goal is to get as many ideas as possible and try to incorporate as many as them as possible.”

The master plan will cover, among other items, existing conditions and assets, the downtown market, the development of a future land use plan and design guidelines.

Vickers says it will act as a blueprint for future growth. He encourages people to attend the meeting and make suggestions on issues such as traffic, parking, and building facades.

The meeting is slated for Jan. 18 at the Historical Society Museum Archives Building, 208 N. Lea Ave., at 5:30 p.m.

Anyone with questions or seeking more information should contact Vickers at 637-6223.

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