RPD detective arrested for battery

January 11, 2011 • Local News

Roswell Police Detective Jeannie Madsen, an 11- year veteran of Login to read more

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2 Responses to RPD detective arrested for battery

  1. sue says:

    Note to Chief Kinigh: it is very sad that something like this happens to such a good police officer. Officer Madsen’s excellent record should speak for itself. There is more to the story thaan is published I am sure. I pray charges can and will be dropped against Officer Madsen. Both her and her husband are good people. It’s a shame one personal incident should ruin an officer’s career as RPD would lose one of it’s best officers!

  2. ginni says:

    I was wondering how that other officer who I believe struck and handcuffed his wife got away . Oh maybe because he was a male . I dont know just a question. Hmmmm……

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