Nation has turned from God

January 11, 2011 • Dear Editor

I am a born again Christian. What I am about to write is not meant to offend anyone. It is meant to make you think! I read a lot and have been reading books about prophecy.

The one that interested me most was “The United States and Great Britain in Bible Prophecy.” The United States’ and Great Britain’s lives are similar to that of Judea and Israel, who at one time were the greatest land in God’s creation. However, when they sinned and turned away [auth] from God, all they had was taken away from them. The United States broke away from Great Britain because they wanted to be free. Their new government was based on the principles of the Bible. America has indeed been blessed.

The Unites States is acting in like manner of our forefathers. We have turned from God and are living in sin. Unless we repent and turn from our evil and immoral ways, we will no longer receive the blessing that God meant for us to have. It’s time for the United States to take action, to change the way we are conducting our lives. It’s time to put God back into our lives, back into our schools, and wherever we have chosen to deny His existence. You can be sure that God will take away our blessings, turn His wrath upon us and punish us. Most of the prophecies told of in the Bible have already taken place. The end time is near. Christ will return and reign for 1,000 years.

“During that time Satan will be bound to keep him from deceiving the nations.” Because of this the earth will multiply in number and they cannot be tempted to do wrong. They will know who God is and will have the choice to either receive Him as the Savior or reject him. Those who reject him will be cast into the Lake of Fire, where Satan will also be after the 1,000 years.

They will not die as their punishment is to be aware that they are no longer children of God but will be separated from Him throughout eternity. Are you ready to meet the Lord? Yvonne Lehman Roswell

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