Gonzales set to hold New Year’s Day celebration

December 29, 2010 • Local News

Youth [auth] attending the Community Volunteer Program’s New Year’s Day celebration will usher in the New Year without boredom.

“It’s something for them to get involved in,” Johnny Gonzales, director of Community Volunteer Program, said.

The program, sponsored by Prison Door Inc., will host a New Year’s Day celebration at 11 a.m., Saturday, at the Pecos Valley Baptist Valley Church branch, 1 Byrne St., at the Roswell International Air Center.

According to Gonzales, youth-friendly food such as hot dogs and nachos will be on the menu. Organizers will have games planned for children who attend, in addition to a toy giveaway. The southside of the Roswell community sits near the RIAC, which is located in the oldest aviation industrial sector of the city.

Gonzales said the youth in this part of the community are often cut off from local programs, resources and the growing retail industry in Roswell, because of the distance that they must travel to attain goods and services.

“It’s a forgotten part of the city,” Gonzales said. “If they can’t come out to Wal- Mart and come out to the city they’ve got to come (to) us.”

Saturday’s party builds a bridge between community volunteers and the less fortunate, for the purpose of giving youth a safe place to play during the holiday season.

“Your motive is to be right — your motive is to be in the Lord,” Gonzales said.

For more information on the Community Volunteer Program, call 624-7579.

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