Mayor seeks councilor’s removal

December 22, 2010 • Local News

Roswell’s mayor is asking a district court judge to remove a city councilor from office for malfeasance after officials discovered the councilor secretly recorded closeddoor meetings.

Mayor Del Jurney and city attorneys filed a petition to remove Councilor Rob McWilliams from his position less than one week after the mayor discovered the recordings existed. McWilliams is less than one year into his first term on the City Council.

The petition alleges that McWilliams recorded closed sessions on four separate occasions in a three- month time span and later released the tapes to news reporters. Jurney Login to read more

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One Response to Mayor seeks councilor’s removal

  1. interestedinnews says:

    Well this is of no surprise. Lets see…he was first fired from Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, then overjoyed members of the Roswell Police Department when he left, fired from Chaves County Sheriff’s office, has at least 4 children he pays no child support for….and yet he was still elected to be on our city counsel. I/we knew it was a matter of time before he did something stupid!!

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