Family Remembers ‘Baker Man’

December 1, 2010 • Local News

Fred and Clora Bartlett are pictured on the day of their 60th wedding anniversary (Courtesy Photo).

Fred Bartlett, code name “Baker Man,” knew the paper route like the back of his hand.

Zipping around in his olive green 1969 Ford Mustang in the wee hours of the morning, he flung more than 800 newspapers from his hot rod as he weaved through West Country Club Road to Berrendo Road, all the while entertaining his children and grandchildren buckled up in the back seat and talking over the CB radio with his wife, Clora, code name: “Lady Gold Dust.”

For 45 years, the former WWII veteran raced around the northeast and west quadrants of town trying to beat the 6 a.m. weekday deadline, stopping only to share a cup of coffee with gregarious early-rising customers. His efforts secured him fame in the community, faith in his employers and several Carrier of the Month honors. It also left him a legacy to bequeath his family, who five generations later Login to read more

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