Free T-Day feast at Sale Barn Café begins at 11

November 25, 2010 • Local News

The Sale Barn Café will hold a free turkey feast starting at 11 a.m. today. The Sale Barn is sandwiched away inside the Roswell Livestock Auction Barn, 900 N. Garden Ave.

The cafe is owned by Valerie and Raymundo Sanchez. The free dinner is their way of giving thanks. “We’ve always wanted our own business, and I promised if I ever got blessed with my own business, I’d do Thanksgiving dinner,” said Valerie.

The Sanchez family fulfilled [auth] that dream in March 2009. Only two years in business, and the Sale Barn has already been nominated for the best green chili cheeseburgers in the state. Last year, they gave their first feast. “We just want to feed anyone who wants to eat a hot meal on Thanksgiving,” she said.

The dinner is open to anyone — those who don’t want to cook, those who can’t af ford to cook, or those who don’t want to eat alone. According to Valerie, the first year went well, with some 30 to 35 people attending. The leftovers were delivered to the various homeless camps in the area.

“We went to the bridge on Virginia Avenue and to a camp on East Bland Street,” said Valerie. The Sanchez family will do the same this year, feeding the homeless with hot meals. The doors will stay open until people stop coming, Valerie said. She loves to cook. “I started in Hazel’s Kitchen when I was 15.”

Valerie and her husband will share their culinary talents with all comers, providing the standard Thanksgiving fare — turkey, ham, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, macaroni salad, and potato salad. Desserts will include pumpkin pie and chocolate pecan fudge pie. “We at the Sale Barn Café would just like to give back to the community,” Valerie said.

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