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November 23, 2010 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor: My favorite section of the newspaper is the Letters to the Editor. The ones from Oct. 7 were great. There was the Popham letter which expresses correctly that religion can always be discussed between coworkers, school mates, neighbors, etc. But it shouldn’t take the form of religious messages attached to gifts or students handing out religious items to everyone at a school.

This method appears “obtrusive,” even unwelcome. It leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths and they feel it’s being pushed down their throats (these analogies seem to really apply when you remember they were passing out donuts!) The letter from Russel Scott added that [auth] Christianity seems to be unfairly singled out. Why shouldn’t Christianity be singled out?

History clearly shows that so called Christianity, that is supposed to be following Jesus, has been responsible for more deaths than any other religion on earth. Has anyone heard of the bloody Crusades? The horrible Inquisitions? How about the World War I and World War II? How about the Holocaust? How about Hiroshima and Nagasaki? These acts weren’t committed by Muslims. So called Christians preach how bad abortion is and then send their children to war. It’s like having a prostitute preaching abstinence. Modern day so-called Christianity is truly reprehensible.

I’m glad that the humorous letter from Hoogerhuis made fun of the whole issue. Many thought he was serious, but I’ll let you know that it was a joke. He was making fun of the fact that people want religion with no standards or requirements. He was also making fun of churches that preach a message with no substance. So in summary: Tell us up front you want to discuss the Bible, don’t try and “sneak” a message on us. Next, make the message something with substance, not that “Jesus Saves” infantile stuff we learned when we were 2. And finally, we want information from a group that are not hypocrites preaching “Jesus loves you” while at the same time sending its members to kill in war.

Finally, the letter from Delma Craig was a classic. She says Obama is inexperienced and appears incompetent. She forgets that after eight years with Bush, the public overwhelmingly voted for this man knowing he was just an inexperienced community organizer. That’s how bad of a job Bush did! People were desperate for anything or anyone as long as it was not more of the same.

Of course there is no solution to Guantanamo or terrorism. Of course there will be another attack. Of course sending the factories overseas was a bad idea. Of course the war on drugs is lost. Of course the U.S. will lose in Afghanistan. And it doesn’t matter who gets elected, those are just the facts.

-Samuel Brady Roswell

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