Chief slams city over settlement

November 23, 2010 • Local News

Roswell’s police chief expressed his frustration Monday with city officials’ decision to recently settle a $1.25 million lawsuit, brought by the family of a mentally ill man who died in police custody in March 2008.

Interim Chief Dennis Kintigh told reporters he didn’t think “justice (was) achieved” by settling after the city and its Police Department were sued by the family of Javier Aguilar, who died in his home following a physical altercation with officers. “I have been on a slow burn, as I say, for weeks on this whole thing because I felt it was a grave injustice,” he said. “What has happened to the officers of this Police Department and this community has not been justice. The officers of the Roswell Police Department have been vilified (and) the public treasury has been looted as result of this settlement.”

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  1. Billy says:

    Police negligence! I’m sure the family didn’t think “justice (was) achieved” when they lost their family member.

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