No scans at RIAC

November 19, 2010 • Local News

With concerns over full[auth] body scans and airport patdowns popping up nationwide, local travelers flying out of Roswell won’t likely have to worry about revealing body scans anytime soon, airport officials said.

The Roswell International Air Center doesn’t expect to be one of the airports slated to receive the body scanners that show the passenger’s naked image to equipment monitors searching for explosives or other dangerous materials.

“At this time, nothing has changed,” said Jennifer Brady, Roswell’s Air Center manager, saying that she doubts the airport will receive one anytime soon. Although, randomly selected passengers will be subjected to the pat-downs. “I don’t believe we’re going to get the full-body scan,” she said. “(But), if your name comes up, they pat you down.”

The Transportation Security Administration currently uses 400 of the body scanners in 68 airports across the county, said spokesman Louis Casanova. The TSA plans to add an additional 50 machines by the end of December and another 500 starting next year. In October, RIAC reported 3,315 passenger boardings and in 2009, nearly 30,800 people took to the skies from the city’s airport.

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