Postal Delays

November 16, 2010 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

I am writing in regards to a recent problem at the post office. I mailed a Halloween package to my grandson in Edgewood., N.M., on Oct. 25. I was told by the postal worker that my package would arrive in Albuquerque that evening Oct. 25, and be delivered in Edgewood the following day Oct. 25, 2010. As of today, Oct. 30, my package has not been delivered to my grandson.

At the post office annex on Hobbs Street in Roswell, I was told that all packages being distributed through Albuquerque were being delayed as the postal employees at the distribution center [auth] are upset because they did not receive a 2 percent pay raise. The postal worker at the annex told me that I am not the only customer whose package is being delayed in Albuquerque.

I was advised that in the future that I should pay the extra cost for a return receipt or send it certified so my package can be tracked. This in no way assures me my package will be delivered in a timely manner, it only allows the post office to track the package, not ensure delivery. I was then told that with the holidays coming up this tactic by the postal workers in Albuquerque will delay all holiday packages going through that distribution center.

I asked who I could call in Albuquerque to let this be known, I was told it wouldn’t do any good to call Albuquerque as that is where the problem lies. My phone call I was told would only serve to let Albuquerque postal workers know that their delay tactic is working. I was told to call the Edgewood, N.M., post office to file a complaint. I did. Now I have a case number I can tell the postal workers in Edgewood when I call to see if my package has showed up yet. End of story? No, my package for my grandson is still out there somewhere, and tomorrow is Halloween.

I thought the post office had a beautiful creed, I don’t remember it saying I will delay the public’s mail if I don’t get my 2 percent raise or has it changed and they forgot to tell the public? So, who do I call now about my grandson’s Halloween package and do I dare send one for Christmas? Thank you for reading this letter Mr. Editor. – Mary Anne Leck Roswell

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