Richard Smith sends Hank Williams tunes down Main Street

November 12, 2010 • Local News

Election Day has come and gone, but a man still strums Hank Williams songs on his guitar outside the GOP headquarters every day.

The 55-year old, who has a full, grey beard and wears black Ray-Ban sunglasses and a black cowboy hat, says he is frequently confused with being the Republican’s biggest fan, or a Bob Dylan-esque mascot of sorts.

But the real reason he plays at the intersection of Second and Main streets, he says, is quite simple and less political: The tips are good.

“This is the best spot in town,” Richard Smith said, noting that he has met tourists from all over the world from his concrete perch.

The Illinois-native folk rock musician has jammed on his black six-string Behringer guitar on the same corner for more than a Login to read more

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