Panel: Costs were not a factor in oil spill

November 9, 2010 • Local News

Fred Bartlit Jr., chief investigator of the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling, goes through a detailed presentation of the operation of an offshore oil rig, as the panel holds a public hearing in Washington, Monday. (AP Photo)

WASHINGTON (AP) — The BP oil rig explosion and spill wasn’t about anyone purposely trading money for safety, investigators on a special presidential commission said Monday. Instead it was more about seemingly acceptable risks adding up to disaster. Investigators at the commission’s hearing outlined more than a dozen decisions that at the time seemed questionable but also explainable.

It was how those cascaded and crashed together that fueled catastrophe. Yet there was no evidence of a conscious decision on the BP rig to do things on the cheap at the expense of safety, investigators stressed several times. Likewise, representatives of the companies involved in the disaster denied that corners were cut because of cost. Critics — including a top academic, a congressman and people on the temporarily polluted Bayou — are balking at what they see as something close to a Login to read more

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