Protect youth program

November 7, 2010 • Dear Editor

Did you know we have an outstanding program here in Roswell for at risk young people ages 16 to 18? The program is called New Mexico Youth ChalleNGe Academy, located at 131 Earl Cummings Loop. This program is wonderful to help 16- to 18-year-olds get a firm foundation for their future.

They offer [auth] education, discipline and structure to at risk students so they can be contributing members to our society. Let’s not give up on the youth of our country and state. There has been talk of changing the location of this Youth ChalleNGe, which we do not want. Let’s keep it here in Roswell!

This program is state and federal funded but due to the lack of funds we may need to help as a city with funding of this program. These students come from other areas of our state so when the family visits the cadets this gives our community some revenue. These cadets also give much to our community through community service. Please take a stand for this program, call your representative to advise them we want Youth ChalleNGe to stay in Roswell! I want Roswell to be known as a business friendly city.

How about you?

Marsha Kirkham Roswell

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