Sports car or enhanced roof?

November 5, 2010 • Local News

Betty Ann Heck wanted a Ford Mustang convertible. She ended up with an electric car and an enhanced roof. Surprisingly, she’s pleased. The convertible, she explains, would have lost money as soon as she drove it off the lot. Instead, the electric car gets her around. And her roof remodeling? It will pay her.

Betty Ann and husband, Jerry, purchased a solar array for their East Monterrey Drive home. This Wednesday, three Positive Energy Solar Electric Systems workers began installing their 20 solar panels. By the weekend, assuming the sunny forecast holds up, the Hecks will begin profiting from their purchase.

Heck, an Army reservist who will deploy to Iraq for the third time later this month, says, thanks to generous tax incentives, he expects the solar array to pay for itself after nine years. And the contract he signed with Xcel Energy, the parent company of his utility, will pay him for generating the renewable energy source through 2024.

In addition to its economic benefits, the Hecks were inspired by their desire to “unplug” from the grid. While everyone might not feel the urge to achieve self-sufficiency, Jerry considers the project Login to read more

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