Cap and trade dangers

October 25, 2010 • Editorial

Perhaps we’re a bit biased because our local and state economies rely so heavily on the oil and gas industries, but we’re still at a loss to understand the rationale behind cap and trade efforts focussed solely on New Mexico.

We’re all for a cleaner environment, but hamstringing energy production and consumption is tantamount to financial suicide for just about every segment of the state economy. Comments at public hearings this year in Artesia and Roswell indicate a significant number of residents recognize the danger posed by proposals to add new burdens onto industries which are already heavily regulated.

For quite some time we’ve had serious misgivings about the validity of the [auth] theory that carbon emissions produced by industry are having a significant impact on global climate. In recent years there have been scandals involving the manipulation of data by global warming proponents and more and more scientists are stepping forward and expressing skepticism.

The belief that carbon emissions are having a significant effect on the global climate is a symptom of a failure to grasp the enormity and complexity of this planet. There are natural forces constantly at work which dwarf the impact of our species.

If the economy was chugging away at full tilt, we’d be more inclined to view efforts to curb carbon emissions in a more charitable light. However, given the current economic situation, it’s clear to us that now is not the time to be heaping additional costs on the energy industries. That cap and trade advocates are willing to further jeopardize the fragile state of the economy is evidence that they have lost perspective.

Are we as a state willing to risk economic ruin to placate the wishes of a few residents who subscribe to the belief that carbon emissions will destabilize the climate? We believe New Mexico can’t afford to hobble one of its cornerstone industries.

We’re doubtful that cap and tade efforts on an international level would have an effect on the global environment.

We’re certain if they were just implemented in our country the only beneficiaries would be our competitors in the global marketplace.

As for New Mexico instituting cap and trade on its own, there are no possible benefits for the state. There are no benefits to the global climate. The only benefits to be had at all will be those reaped by other states as businesses leave New Mexico.

The next time there is a cap and trade hearing in our part of the state, we’ll be on the lookout for out-of-state license plates in the parking lot. We admit that’s a far-fetched theory, but so is manmade global warming.

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