‘Adventure’ lets residents experience life with disabilites

October 19, 2010 • Local News

From left Lisa McNiven, Governor’s Commission on Disability, Disability Systems Coordinator, and Julian Klenck, interpreter, simulated blindness on their Amazing Roswell Mysteries Adventure tour Monday. (Jonathan Entzminger Photo)

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a schizophrenic?

What it would be like to lose one of your five senses, such as sight or sound, or commute around Roswell in a wheelchair for a day? On Monday, participants in the Roswell Convention and Civic Center’s Amazing Roswell Mysteries Adventures, in conjunction with organizers for Disability Employment Awareness Month, spent a few hours experiencing life as a disabled person.

“This has really helped me understand more [about] the behavioral disabilities that people have and it’s tiring,” said John Block III, deputy director of the New Mexico Governor’s Commission on Disability. Two teams of adventurers began the day by riding a southbound bus to their starting locations for their adventure.

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