Man arrested, charged with rape

October 16, 2010 • Local News

A Roswell man, Damian A. [auth] Macias, 34, was arrested on three counts of criminal sexual penetration on Wednesday. The alleged incidents took place in 2005 and the victim was in high school at the time. In the criminal complaint, the victim stated she had been forced to take over the role of wife after her mother moved out.

The victim stated she stayed in the same bedroom with Macias, her stepfather, while her brother had his own room. In addition, her brother was sent to school while she was kept at home. Macias’ wife had gone to live at Roswell Refuge because her husband was abusive, she stated, and she had taken as many of the children with her as she could fit into the car.

The wife was unaware of the incidents, and when the victim became pregnant with Macias’ child, the victim said that she had been raped at a party rather than tell others about the abuse. It is alleged that Macias gave drugs to the victim and the victim’s brother. According to the criminal complaint, Macias also gave money to the victim, she believed, “to keep her quiet.”

DNA swabs were collected by the police from the victim and the child to ascertain parentage. Medical records indicate that the child was conceived when the victim was 15 years of age. The complaint states that the victim began cutting herself in high school, and had to have a C-section because “her birthing organs were immature.” The delay in reporting the crimes was attributed to the victim fearing retaliation from Macias.

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