Joe Kasuboski, local hero

October 9, 2010 • Local News

Joe Kasuboski, 43, a local hero and park superintendent at Bottomless Lakes State Park, returned to Roswell in May.

“I grew up in Roswell,” Kasuboski said. “It was a good town to grow up in— quite a few things to for a kid. I was involved in hunting and fishing. No matter what kind of year, I always had something to do.”

While growing up in Roswell, Kasuboski attended Military Heights Elementary School, Berrendo Middle School and Goddard High School. He was heavily involved in Future Farmers of America, Boy Scouts of America and Chaves County Wildlife Federation during his youth. In high [auth] school, Kasuboski ran cross country and traveled to many areas as an FFA contest judge.

“I stayed busy and got involved in community activities,” Kasuboski said.

After high school, Kasuboski attend College of Santa Fe for one year before returning to Roswell to work full time. From 1993 to 1995, Kasuboski was a seasonal worker at Bottomless Lakes. It was here Kasuboski started his work with state parks, and became a hero in the community after saving a toddler in a park accident.

“I think it was in 1993,” Kasuboski said. “There was a 3- or 4-year-old that had flopped over in a innertube face down, and a lifeguard and I did CPR on the child and brought him back to life. We received recognition all the way up to the governor’s office. We got life-saving awards from the state park, and a Medal of Valor from the governor’s office — from the governor himself.”

After his brief stint at Bottomless Lakes in the early 1990s, Kasuboski continued his heroism in other places like Navajo Lake State Park.

“When I was up at Navajo Lake, I was a boating officer … I got another life-saving award,” Kasuboski said. “We had a sailboat that had capsized. The people [that we saved] were in the water for a long time, getting hypothermia. I pulled them out … they wouldn’t have lasted much longer in the water.”

After working at Navajo Lake, Kasuboski was transferred to Brantley Lake in Carlsbad, where he continued to work for seven years.

“I worked my way up from land base law enforcement ranger, to boating officer, manager and now I’ve come back to Roswell as park superintendent at Bottomless Lakes.”

At Bottomless Lakes, Kasuboski oversees many of the park’s operations, and supervises four employees. During the summer, he runs Lea Lake’s recreational and swimming programs. In the off-season, he leads many outdoor educational programs with local schools.

“[We] work closely with the schools in the area, that include … Dexter, Hagerman and Lake Arthur.”

Kasuboski is also one of two firearms instructors for all law enforcement of ficers in the general area. When Kasuboski is not working at Bottomless Lakes, or teaching law enforcement officers, he enjoys boating, bowling, camping, hunting and traveling with his wife, Brenda.

Kasuboski holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from New Mexico State University in Carlsbad. He plans to earn his master’s in criminal justice sometime in the near future. (Jonathan Entzminger Photo)

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