Two men arrested on shooting charges

October 8, 2010 • Local News

Two men were arrested Wednesday in connection with three separate shooting incidents. Jose Sifuentes, 18, was charged with shooting at or from a motor vehicle, bribery or intimidation [auth] of a witness, retaliation against a witness, unlawful possession of a handgun, unlawful carrying of a deadly weapon and negligent use of a deadly weapon.

Raymond Hobbs, 19, was charged with shooting at or from a motor vehicle, bribery, intimidation of and retaliation against a witness. According to the criminal complaint, RPD responded to a report of a running gun battle on Sept. 29 which took place on the 300 block of East Bonney Drive. Later, officers impounded two vehicles from the 1100 block of West Hobbs St. and the 1600 block of South Mulberry Avenue, both which revealed bullet holes.

A second gun battle took place on Sept. 30 in the area of Grand Avenue and Ballard Street. That same day, Sifuentes went to a residence and, when pulling out his gun, shot himself in the foot. Witness statements recorded in the criminal complaint vary. One stated that Sifuentes was showing off the gun when he shot himself.

Another statement indicated that he “was just joking when he pulled the gun from his pocket.” In the criminal complaint, it is noted that witnesses were questioned about the shooting of the girlfriend of Steven Perez, on Sept. 24. The witnesses denied any knowledge of the incident, saying they didn’t hear about it until days after the event. Public Information Officer Travis Holley denied any connection between the cases, but said that both cases were gang related.

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  1. tfowler says:

    What else can be said about your youth of tomorrow. So scared of being caught in some kind of gang they have to carry guns where ever they go to stay alive. Here again I would like to know what kind of bringing up were they afforded. Lets see Boy Scouts……umm, NOT! Oh I know: Little League sports…, PROBABLY NOT! Gosh Society has failed them again. I guess tho, their parents are pleased that they grew up just like them.

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