Martinez distorts facts (9-18-10)

September 25, 2010 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

Here comes Rebecca J. Melton, a registered Republican since 1981, claiming to seriously weigh the two gubernatorial candidates. But she is actually just spewing the same ole same ole Republican line about Diane Denish and Governor Richardson.

“Denish is a clone of Richardson.” NOT!

“Denish and Richardson are Siamese twins.” NOT!

“Richardson never makes a decision without consulting Denish first.” Most emphatically NOT!

“Denish [auth] agrees 100 percent with every decision Richardson has made.” No way. She has even publicly disagreed with him on a few occasions.

And while we are on the subject of “weighing the two candidates,” let us look at Martinez’s claims about the Baby Brianna Bill. From her TV ad, it would appear that she single-handedly created that bill and got it passed.  The truth is that Democratic Sen. Mary Jane Garcia of Las Cruces introduced SB 166. Democratic Reps. Joseph Cervantes and Ken Martinez (no relation to Susana) pushed it through, and Democratic Governor Richardson signed it into law.

Martinez was one of many who worked on the bill, like unsung donor Edgar Lopez, who paid to rent the buses that took Las Crucens to Santa Fe to lobby for it.

In her TV ad, she COULD have emphasized the teamwork that led to the bill’s success. She COULD have promised that as governor she would work with all New Mexicans, regardless of party affiliation, to keep our children safe. It speaks to her character that this did not occur to her.

Ellen Wedum

Democratic candidate, NM HD 59


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