Hospice is not a place but a concept of care

August 31, 2010 • Business, Local Business Review

The Clinical Team at Roswell Home Health & Hospice includes (standing, left to right) Geargia Shaw, Richard McConnell, Sherri Burnham, Shirley Harkey, Melanie Wheeler and Mabel Fuentes. Front row: Bobby Dockins, Kelly McConnell and Carmen Ortega. Not pictured are Therisa Johnson, Jennifer Hernandez, Adrianna Carillo and Belem Nava.

The word hospice is mysterious to the general public. In fact it seems that difficult news travels fast as you hear the word faintly whispered in the halls of a home. You see loved ones cup their hand over their mouth telling the news. “You know, he’s on Hospice. The reply, “Oh no, really!” “Yes, they put him on this morning.” Gasp!

Most cannot define hospice. Myths and fears – as second hand information becomes the norm. Most will define hospice as “the end.” “They’ve given up.”

Contrary. Your physician realizes a special type of care is needed. At Roswell Hospice, we fight that battle with you to the very end. Know that no one knows when you will die. Question, what has changed before you elect hospice and after? Nothing. You are still you. The disease is no different and all hope is not lost.

[auth] Should there be other options, hospice is there to transition you there. However, know hope is different. Listen, hospice is not about death as much as embracing life. Go live life… fully! At the beginning we all hoped for a full cure. We hoped for a normal life with family and friends. Hopefully you have been able to be actively enjoying life even through treatments and health changes. But now in this special type of care, hope changes. Goals change palliatively. Normally the terms are, “if the disease process follows the normal course, yes it could have a 6 month prognosis.

“IF” is a small word with big meanings. Friend, please get that 6 month prognosis out of your mind and live like you always have. Do all you can as tolerated. Take that trip if you can. GO! We support you.

But what if you are thinking of hospice care? In reality, you and your family normally get much better before things change physically. Why? Because in hospice, you have more one on one contact with specially trained teams. They proactively work on your behalf to problem solve symptoms occurring whether it be pain or other issues arising.

Likewise, we can get hold of your doctor faster and get things done rather than waiting. Sometimes, in a crisis, even 3 minutes is too long, if you are waiting on an ambulance. We have access. Emotionally hospice comes into your home to stabilize concerns, fears, and start that difficult talk between yourself and family. The hospice teams proactively work on your end of life goals to resolve end of life needs should this be the time of life. Just think a whole team is at your disposal 24 hours a day even at 2:00 a.m. to care for physical and emotional needs of you and your family. We are here for you. You are not here for us. You are not alone… never! Know that should this hour come, your family will be taken care of emotionally.

Hospice has expert grief counselors that work with all age groups. They follow up intensively for the next 13 months to work through grief issues with your loved ones. That includes problem solving life issues as well as personal grief. The most important idea here is: If you have a disease that is progressing to hospice options, live life fully. Hospice will support you and your families’ decisions whether to discontinue hospice, change treatment, and or receive care needed in this time of life. Remember to always live life to the fullest each day.

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