Savedra's Imports From Mexico & Musica Latina

August 3, 2010 • Business, Local Business Review

Savedra’s has many items in the store, including Poblano and Michoacan dresses; paper mache figurines; sun plaques; sombreros; small serapes; horse and saddle blankets, straw hats, corn tortilla warmers and Tres Estrellas Rice Flour, among other items.

Savedra’s is locally owned and they are receiving new shipments of ceramics, pottery, piñatas, banks, angels and religious statues.

All Spring Wear is now 50% Off, including Lee® [auth] Riveted Jean shorts; george & martha shorts; Kaktus shorts; Carolyn Taylor tops; and Jamie & Layla ladies tops.

Stop by Savedra’s and check out their wide selection of gifts “imported from Mexico,” including:

• Biggest variety and best quality piñatas in the region.

• Baja shirts, ponchos, zarapes, sombreros, brightly embroidered Poblano dresses, Michoacan dresses, paper mache´ figurines, candles and piñatas.

The small zarapes (were $14.99) are now only $9.99!

• Straw hats for when you are working outside

• Santos and other religious items, including candles.

• Vanilla, imported from Mexico.

• Herbal remedies and teas.

• Tortilla presses.

• Spanish Music on CDs and cassettes.

“Musica Latina” and “Norteña Music” CDs and cassettes from Joey Records in San Antonio, Texas. These are all originals, both on CDs and cassettes.

New releases from Little Joe, Freddy Martinez and Ruben Ramos are all available now. Savedra’s has a large selection of CDs and they have cassettes for 99¢, including N.M. Music.

Savedra’s, at 114 East Bland St. (at Virginia Ave.,) is open from 9:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Savedra’s is closed on Sunday.

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