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Seniors gone wild. [/auth...

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May we never forget. [/auth...



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And off she goes, with a shiny gold watch. [/auth...

Dear Editor: 5-23-15

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Dear editor, The school bus drivers have an awesome responsibility in transporting our children safely to and from school. No one does it better than the team headed by Anthony Hernandez of Pollard Bus Company! He, along with Ms. Angie, Ms. Pauline and Ms....

A Norteño, sort of, moves to Roswell

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In recent months, I’ve found myself living and working in three different communities. Very different, but with one standout similarity. I’m talking about Las Vegas, Taos and Roswell, three New Mexico municipalities with their own unique identities. I...



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Board of Regents member Phillip Ingram said it’s a divorce, and so it is.  Let’s just hope the Board doesn’t wind up with a trophy alumni association. [/auth...

Dear Editor: 5-22-15

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Dear editor, I am writing to express my appreciation for courtesy and efficiency on the part of City employees. At 1 p.m. I called the city streets department to tell them of a dangerous pot-hole in the paved alley south of 22nd Street east of Main Street....

Dear Editor: 5-21-15

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Dear editor, In several articles in the Roswell Daily Record, the most recent being the May 16 edition, the reporter gives incorrect information with regard to the New Mexico Military Institute Foundation. The articles have continuously misstated that the...

Dear Editor: 5-19-15

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Dear editor, The New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) Board of Regents is comprised of five members, appointed by the governor and confirmed by the New Mexico State Senate. The regents are responsible for providing the guidance and direction to the...

Dear Editor: 5-17-15

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Dear editor, My name is Gerry Greathouse, co-owner of Nature’s Dairy. Nature’s Dairy operated two facilities, the milk plant located at 5104 S. Main St. and the dairy facility located at 4000 E. Hobson where we milked more than 2,000 head and raised 3,000...