Dear Editor: 3-31-15

March 31, 2015 • Dear EditorComments (0)

Dear editor, I have an idea concerning the Yucca Recreation Center. This is an old, dilapidated, depressing building. A classic money pit. It is way too expensive to repair. Across town from this junk pile sits the Roswell Convention & Civic Center. A very nice, well-maintained money pit. It sits there unoccupied, sucking our tax [&hellip...

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If I could be anything else … auto mechanic!

March 29, 2015 • EditorialComments (0)

I love being a newspaper editor and a writer. But if there was anything else I could be, I’d be an auto mechanic. That probably sounds surprising coming from someone with a desk job who has a college degree, but I love working on cars. I consider myself a...

Dear Editor: 3-28-15

March 28, 2015 • Dear EditorComments (0)

Dear editor, Regarding Tuesday’s letter about the Roswell Post Office traffic, I agree that the reckless drivers in that area are a problem, and it happens both during the busy part of the day and during the dark parts of the night. Last October, I...

Dear Editor: 3-26-15

March 25, 2015 • Dear EditorComments (0)

Dear editor, I am writing to express my disappointment with Roswell Animal Control. On Monday, March 9, my son was attacked and bit by a Doberman Pinscher while at baseball practice in Enchanted Hills Park. His wound needed immediate medical attention so I...

Dear Editor: 3-25-15

March 25, 2015 • Dear EditorComments (0)

Dear editor, I am disgusted with the right-wing of the Republican party. They are considering cutting Social Security and will not support an increase in the minimum wage. If any of them hasdone any food shopping lately they would notice that prices are going...

Dear Editor: 3-24-15

March 23, 2015 • Dear EditorComments (0)

Dear editor, Has anyone else noticed the mail at the Pennsylvania Avenue post office is not ready for pick up from the boxes at 11 a.m. as posted? When there is bad weather it is excusable since it has to come in from Lubbock, Texas. However last week every...

Spring in Roswell? Have I missed something?

March 22, 2015 • EditorialComments (0)

I’m happy that winter is finally over, but a bit disappointed by this so-called spring weather we’ve been having lately. I know Friday was the first official day of spring, so perhaps I’m being impatient. I moved to Roswell in late April and, except for...



March 22, 2015 • CartoonsComments (0)

We do wish Mr. Henderson a speedy recovery. [/auth...



March 21, 2015 • CartoonsComments (0)

What a corker. [/auth...



March 20, 2015 • CartoonsComments (0)

The Rite of Spring in Roswell.  Unless you take Claritin. [/auth...